Theseus paradox by David VideCette

Hi my fellow book bloggers and book readers! I have just finished such an incredible book by a mother who is a former law enforcement officer! Now all of you can only think and imagine what this man is actually seen with his own eyes, that is why his book is so good because at some point of the book I didn’t even realize is this something he actually experienced or went through or is this fiction which made it that much better! I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but I do want to say thank you to the author for my copy!!! I am so very glad that I got to read this, I was actually in the middle of reading another book and happen to have forgot my book at lunch that’s how I ended up reading it earlier than I was anticipating to! Whoever has not snatched up a copy of this book I truly suggest that you do the main character in this book is so good he has so much turmoil in his personal life and he is so good and his professional life and that is so believable because 99% of us in real life is exactly the same way. I guess I can go on and on about all the reasons I love this book but I don’t want to spoil anything please do pick up a copy you will not regret it and do let me know if any of you have read it already or after you read it what you think


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  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Delighted that you enjoyed reading my thriller, The Theseus Paradox. As you explained, the book is based on true events, so it is up to the reader to decide how much is truth and how much is fiction!

    My books support a charity helping police officers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, so thank you for reading and sharing your review.

    I do hope that you enjoy the sequel, The Detriment, just as much – and look forward to sending you a review copy soon.

    Best wishes from London, England,

    David Videcette
    (Ex-Counter-Terror Detective at Scotland Yard)
    ‘I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story…’


    1. Thank you David for the privilege

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  2. The pleasure is all mine, Vanessa. There’s a pull quote, images and link to your lovely review now featured over at:

    Have a great evening!

    David Videcette
    (Ex-Counter-Terror Detective at Scotland Yard)
    ‘I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story…’

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